With having undertaken Personal Reiki treatments since 2000 and property clearings since 2003 I have the benefit of many years of past experiences to draw upon when supporting new clients on their personal journey.

Combined Personal Energy Treatment & Property Clearing Testimonial

"After a very stressful 18months, Damian was recommended to me by a friend who suggested that my daughter and I would benefit from getting in touch with him. She was right! I had a personal energy assessment and after seeing how much better I felt, the whole family followed. We also then had a house clearing, so needless to say, it was a success all round.

I noticed a big improvement in my mood, I was much calmer, clearer headed and more grounded. We noticed a huge change in my son who went from being generally a negative person, struggling to see or feel the positives in life to being considerably more positive, more confident and content which was so lovely to see. My daughter struggles with her health and she too felt emotionally better and her spirit lifted which was also really lovely to see. My husband suffers from fatigue and he too felt more energised.

We then went on to have a house clearing and the energy felt so much calmer and happier which is just like ‘home’ should feel. My daughter’s bedroom previously felt suffocating and repressive, she never really wanted to spend much time in there, but now the energy is much lighter and clearer, she’s definitely  happier to be relaxing in her room.

We’d like to say a huge Thank you to Damian for all his effort and continued support in helping us on our journey."

Mrs S

Personal Energy Treatment Testimonial

"Damian carried out work on my energies over a period of five weeks and the results were phenomenal.

I suffer generally from having a very ‘busy mind’, and am prone to stress and worry. I also felt a bit stuck with regards to work – I knew that a shake-up was in order but I was struggling to figure out what my next step would look like (I imagine this was at least in part down to my inability to drown out the constant chatter going on in my mind). Furthermore, relationship-wise, I had struggled somewhat to move on from a bad breakup.

The processes that Damian carried out were done remotely, but he was always in touch via email to explain what he was doing and any emotions that I may be experiencing as a result. He clearly walked me through all of the steps that he was taking and checked in regularly with me to see how I was feeling. I really valued this level of communication, not least because of his kind yet thorough approach.

Thanks to his work, I’ve found it much, much easier to think clearly and make decisions, which has led me to make some big (but exciting) changes career-wise. I also find it easier to process feelings such as forgiveness (towards myself and others) and therefore move on from situations that I would have previously dwelled on and beat myself up about. Generally, I just feel lighter – less burdened, more content, more grateful and much happier."

Miss A

Personal Energy Treatment Testimonial

"I worked with Damian for a month and found the experience interesting and hugely helpful.

I have had a deep seated fear for 30 years, a real visceral fear of an ex boyfriend who psychologically abused me and beat me up badly leaving injuries that lingered prompting 4 nasal and sinus operations and ongoing problems since my early twenties. Before Damian's work for me looking at an old website with this man's name on with no photos brought about a real pit of stomach response, real fear. After the sessions had worked through I went onto facebook and looked at a photo of him looking square out of the screen and nothing not a flicker. I have had no thoughts good or bad about him since and certainly no bad dreams, for this alone I am immensely thankful.

Damian is a real stickler for clearing everything that comes up and as several things cleared others appeared so it was a very communicative exercise and raised issues I had no idea still affected me. On top of this I came into this life with a lot of limiting inherited factors including hereditary disease so I was very keen to offload anything that really wasn't serving me in my life. Damian dealt sensitively and straightforwardly with explaining and clearing these echoes of my ancestry at the same time validating experiences I have had in the past. I would certainly recommend him"

Mrs L

Personal Energy Treatment Testimonial

"A close friend recommended the unique works of Damian to me, when all other energy works had failed to help resolve my family’s energetic distress.

It quickly became clear that Damian could help the family clear our energy disturbances.

Damian has been able to support my daughter through her understanding and containment of her ADHD and ODD behavioural issues to such an extent that she has become able to self regulate her behaviour.

The works undertaken with my daughter and I were effective, supportive and clearly explained at every stage.

The impact he has had on our family, our home and relationships within the family have been astounding.

It is so hard to put into words how grateful we are for Damian’s services and the transformation we have all been through.

I highly recommend him and his services to all."

Mrs D

Personal Energy Treatment Testimonial

“Damian has worked wonders with my energy levels over the last few weeks. 

Having been diagnosed with breast cancer I was feeling very fragmented and unable to concentrate on my own healing. 

Damian was able to pick up a number of blockages in my system and gradually cleared them so restoring me to full integration. 

My mood improved quickly enabling me to deal with the stress of hospital treatments and general life. 

He has a wonderful intuition and understanding of energy fields - I would not hesitate to recommend him to my friends.”

Mrs H

Personal Energy Treatment Testimonial

"I was suffering from a bad back after having pneumonia and asked Damian if he would be able to help. 

I also had a very bad reaction after taking Fluoroquinolone antibiotics 3 years before and was still suffering from some of the side effects.

As I live in Spain, it was not possible to visit him, but he said that was not a problem and he would still be able to help.

Damian emailed me information and detailed graphs and started to work on the healing and the next day I experienced an improvement and each day it was getting better.

Damian kept me up to date with emails and graphs and I noted at 9 days after he started the treatment that I was experiencing a lot less pain.

A few days later I had a slight setback with my back, which Damian actually picked up on, without me telling him, but after that I continued to improve and my back is now back to normal.  

I can't thank him enough for his help and would not hesitate to contact him again if I need help in the future."

Mr C

Property Clearing Testimonial

"I am a Headteacher at a struggling school and Damian was recommended by a colleague of mine. Damian is warm and professional and very clear about the methods and processes he uses.

He took time and put in effort to understand the background and lay-out of the building and how I fit into the context.

His visual presentations made it easy for me to understand what he was doing and I feel that I personally benefitted from his work as it gave me calmness and perspective.

I noticed that those around me commented on improvements and the Chair of Governors commented after completion of Damian's work that he felt that the energy within the building was the best that he had ever experienced within his time associated with the school.

We continue to work hard to lift the school out of its vulnerable category and the work from Damian has helped us in this journey."

Mr K

Property Clearing Testimonial

"Damian Leesing was instructed by us on recommendation to clear and harmonise our home.

From the start Damian was professional and courteous at all times and listened intently to our requests and specifications.

Damian was always very easy to talk to and he responded quickly and effectively to our needs.

Damian carried out the house clearings with confidence and clarity of mind and always kept us informed at every level.

When we began to notice changes and when we had questions or needed reassurance Damian was always easy to contact and made himself readily available without hesitation.

We both found Damian to be easy and skilful, totally committed and very knowledgeable with regards to all aspects of Reiki.

Damian totally fulfilled our brief.

Having completed the work on our home, the house has become a much more energised place to live.

The children's sleep patterns improved and our health and financial and career prospects have changed beyond belief.

We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Damian in any aspect of Reiki."

Mr & Mrs A

Property Clearing Testimonial

Following a divorce the partner remaining in the former marital home was keen to sell and move on and enlisted my assistance, hoping a clearing could raise the energy to help make it feel more attractive to any potential purchasers. 

A week after the clearing process he reported back to me;

"The housing market is very slow I am told. That said I am more chilled out in the house and actually quite like being there now, doesn't feel quite as oppressive as it used to and the dread as I opened the front door has gone. I've even moved back into the old marital bedroom!"

Mr B

Personal Reiki Treatment Testimonial

"I was involved in a car accident, which left me with neck and back injuries.

I had visited both the General Hospital and my local GP on several occasions and was told that the only way to ease the pain was to rest.

Damian kindly offered me the opportunity of a personal Reiki session in hope that it would assist me with my recovery.

At the time, I knew very little about Reiki and the benefits it offers and was initially a little concerned that it may make my condition worse.

However, Damian very kindly put me at ease and was very informative, providing me with the facts about Reiki without making me feel under any pressure to try it.

Damian carried out the Reiki session and was a complete professional at all times.

Shortly after I was able to move much more freely but more importantly, I believe Damian helped me put the accident into perspective assisting me with the closure of the accident."

Miss A

Personal Reiki Treatment Testimonial

"I was involved in a skiing accident which broke my left arm and incurred serious nerve damage to my left hand and arm.

I received specialist medical treatment for this condition over several months including neuro tests to assess the likely level of nerve repair.

At one point I was advised that my left hand would be left permanently paralysed due to the nerve repair having stopped growing.

Damian enquired as to how my recovery was progressing.

When I explained the situation, he advised that Reiki may be worth investigating to aid my recovery.

As someone who had studied the subject of hypnosis for years I was familiar with the practice of Reiki as a complimentary medicine and had no hesitations in taking up Damian's offer.

During the sessions Damian acted very professionally and explained just how he helped people.

A month after the sessions I underwent further neuro tests to assess and change in the situation.

To my specialist's disbelief the nerve growth had improved dramatically and his prognosis completely changed to that of a full recovery.

Three months after I made a virtually complete recovery against all the earlier evidence to the contrary.

I am grateful to Damian for any part his Reiki sessions played in my surprising recovery.

I certainly would recommend him to anyone seeking this type of treatment at any time in the future."

Mr F

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