Property Clearing

Remote Home Clearings:


Providing support for personal clients who sense that their home just doesn't "feel right" or have more deeply felt concerns that there is a genuine imbalance/disturbance.


There are many approaches to influencing the energy of a home. Altering wall positions, adding skylights/windows, reconfiguring furniture and changing decorations all have an impact upon a home's energy. In addition specialists who when present on site through focused intention, sounds, scents, and other ancient skills/tools can clear and increase the vibration of the space within a building. Enhance Your Energy focuses upon the least invasive approach, which aims to facilitate transmutation of the energy within the property without ever being present.



  • Alleviating stuck and/or negative energy from buildings and land to become more harmonious spaces.
  • Infusing the cleared space (void) with specified positive energies and intention to support a more uplifting environment, which can be bespoke to the clients prescription.
  • As a result those residing within a "cleared" property are likely to feel more settled in their home, which should then create ripples through the many facets of their lives.



  • An outline plan of the property is required (internal rooms details are not necessary), which can then be scaled and utilised for the process.
  • A process of dowsing over the outline plans identifies the key points and areas of disturbance or stuck energy to be focussed upon.
  • For the clearing process documentation is prepared with the intention of removing the negative influences and invoking positive energies in their place.
  • The actual property clearing is undertaken across 3 days each time for a 5-8 hour period, usually during daylight hours, for the last decade, then the last century and finally anything before a centrury ago. This is actioned with the combined use of crystals, candles, Reiki symbols and the intentions noted within the accompanying specialist documentation.



  • The overall process typically requires resource support across 5-8 days, which involves a combination of dedicated activity and many more where tools are utilised and processes are running. During this period time is also invested in explaining and agreeing approaches alongside providing support and feedback for clients during the process via either phone calls or email.
  • Therefore, the pricing seeks to acknowledge the specialist knowledge, tools and time employed.
  Property Market Value Tier Fee Scale Example
  up to £500,000 Minimum £600 £325,000 => £600
  £500,001 to £750,000 0.08% £650,000 => £720
  £750,001 to £1,000,000 0.04% £900,000 => £860
  over £1,000,0000 0.02% £1,250,000 => £950

Business Premises:


Each business premises clearing is likely to be unique and a discussion is the best starting point along with a review of the site/property plans.


One past case study highlighted significant energy within and around a stairwell. This was adjacent to where the smoking zone was located, influencing several staff members. It was only when the management reported back to the premises department that it was disclosed that the call centre had been created within a former police station and the underground cells had been sealed off at the base of the stairwell.



  • For commercial premises the clearings can dilute and hopefully dispell legacy tensions to allow resolutions to flow for either staff or business issues, with the infusion of energy being potentially refined to support the spirit of the corporate ethos or mission statement.



  • Dependent upon the scale and complexity of the site/premises a fee would need to be agreed that appropriately reflects the time and resources to be absorbed by the clearing..
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