Personal Energy Treatments


Remote Energy Treatments


Most modern day alternative therapy treatments are undertaken with the client present, whether via direct physical contact or through working within their energy field.


Globally we have been on a journey of technological advancement, where initially most components were hard-wired, being operated via a manual switch or keyboard. Then remote controls projected the switch instruction to a receiver and the device reacted. However, we are now in an age with a growing array of remote sourcing, where wifi connectivity and cloud storage are the new norm.


Likewise with human treatments and therapies the evolution of acceptance has expanded from tangible "touch" based therapies or procedures to treatments which link into the body's circuitry (such as acupuncture and reflexology) and on to approaches that link directly into the energy field we refer to as the aura (such as Reiki, crystals or using focussed intention).


Therefore, in a similar vein there are many approaches to influencing the energy of an individual or home. Akin to the coincidence of when you think of someone and they happen to call your phone, or you share a similar insightful thought at the same time with someone you are connected to, there is a growing awareness and acknowledgement that energy can link up across space and time with appropriate focus and intention. This focus can range from prayerful positive intent to channelled absent distant healing approaches.

Personal Energy Treatments


As part of our connectivity as both "human wifi" transmitters and receivers we have several major energy centres, termed chakras. Unfortunately, if these become distorted or blocked they can cause issues to manifest within our bodily systems, impacting our health and wellbeing. In addition emotional and mental signals may be impeded, which can result in negative patterns and behaviours.


We can offer support to you, your family and your friends via a suite of treatments:

The Energy Enhancement course of treatments and associated analysis has been broken into like component modules, which are paid for as and when they are subscribed to.

Therefore, once the benefits of one phase have been experienced the individual can elect to subscribe to the subsequent treatment course on a timeline that works for them both personally and financially.


Each Module involves several days of dedicated activity phased over a 3-4 week period as is appropriate, including reviews.


Based on prior client experience a typical module would usually involve between 5-8 treatment phases.

This involves working to clear around 50-100 energetic factors in total.

Given the majority of the actions can be achieved within 3 weeks the treatments are undertaken remotely (absent-distant).

This approach is not only more feasible but for this system absent distant treatments are the most effective.

Regular and frequent two-way communications are maintained via email to during the treatment phase.



"Is Energetic Enhancement right for ME, right now?"


Initial Conversation and Treatment Trial: FREE

The first step is to arrange an Initial Conversation to help you better understand the specialist treatments and services that form this system of energetic transformation to establish whether undertaking this journey is appropriate for you at this time.



Then if agreed upon a specific energy influence is analysed and a treatment is undertaken so you may gauge what a distant treatment “feels like” prior to a financial commitment, whilst also allowing Damian to qualify whether there is an appropriate level of energetic connection for the treatment system to be beneficial.



"What is MY path to Energetic Enhancement?


Energy Profile Assessment and Consultation Call: **FREE

Prior to committing to a course of support we recommend that you instruct us to produce a Guideline Energy Profile Assessment Report to help you comprehend your current energetic state and aid your understanding of the areas to be addressed through the various treatments.

** (The Guideline Energy Profile Assessment Report is compiled subject to having been either agreed as the appropriate next step during the preceding Initial Conversation or if there is an immediate commitment to subscribe to Module 1).


Once your bespoke information has been compiled and shared with you the report can then form a basis for your Consultation Call with Damian to discuss the findings and to help you gain a better understanding of what would specifically be involved for you upon choosing to experience the transformational treatment course itself.



Module 1 – Breaking Inherent Influences & Patterns: £550 (see below for packages and discounts)


Bespoke Schedules detailing and explaining any of the following (as applicable):

  • Hereditary Patterns
  • Soul Based Traumas
  • Embedded Commitments
  • External Influences


This module seeks to identify any inherited or external influences that no longer serve your highest good to be treated with the intention of liberating you from their energetic constraint.


This can include DNA assigned genetic “warnings”, echoes of any ancestral vows, oaths and decrees, soul embedded emotions from prior life experiences and the direct influence of negative intentions affecting your energy.



Module 2 – Clearing Unresolved Emotions or Trauma: £550 (see below for packages and discounts)

Bespoke Schedules detailing and explaining any of the following (as applicable):

  • Self-Manifested Patterns
  • Energy Disturbances
  • Negative Experiences
  • Emotional and Mental Programming


This module seeks to identify and clear any experienced events that have yet to be released and remove any learnt and embedded responses that no longer align with your new mental and emotional state.


This can include newly embedded “trauma”, unresolved emotions felt both outwardly and inwardly, alongside established mental and emotional auto-responses that bypass conscious consideration.



Module 3 – Liberating Physical Energy Inhibitors: £550 (see below for packages and discounts)

Bespoke Schedules detailing and explaining any of the following (as applicable):

  • Spinal Energy Blocks/Misalignments
  • 12 Main Energy Meridians Constraints
  • Governing Vessel Meridian Constraints
  • Conception Vessel Meridian Constraints


This module seeks to identify any negative and limiting emotions stored directly within the energy of the physical body and then release them.


This can include negative emotions held at specific vertebrae of the spine affecting the body at locations associated with the connected nerves alongside emotional trauma held along the energy meridians affecting their overall flow, resonance and vibration.





The Standard Package (Module-by-Module) as described above is the approach of committing to a single module at a time, paying the associated fee ahead of commencing the process.

If the full fee is paid in advance, given to the administrative savings, this would be discounted to £525.

However, the fee of £550, is based upon a split payment arrangement of £275 prior to commencement and a further £275 30-days later to increase accessibility to the benefits of this process.


The Silver Package (90-Day Plan) involves an upfront commitment to Modules 1, 2 & 3, whereby the intention is to continue sequentially through each phase to deliver the swiftest and smoothest transition over all three modules.

Although treatment is expected to be concluded ahead of the 90 day timeline assessment reviews and any resulting actions would continue through to the end of the 90-day period.

If the full fee is paid in advance, given to the administrative savings and client commitment, the overall cost would be discounted to £1,500.

However, there is the option of a phased payment arrangement of four instalments of £400, with the first prior to commencement and three further equal payments; 30-days, 60-days and 90-days later, which includes an overall discount of £50 compared to the face value of the individual module fees.


The Gold Package (90-Day Home) mirrors the Silver Package with the addition of a home clearing. In acknowledgement of the combined commitment the fee for the home clearing would be reduced to 90% of the published fees (a 10% discount). 

However, this discount would be reduced to 5% of the published fee if payment was to be phased over four instalments in the event that the 90-Day phased payment plan timelines had been opted for.


The Platinum Package (Family & Home) seeks to offer a discounted solution for family members to opt in as a group to experience the journey together, whilst also having their mutual home environment cleared too.

The home clearing fee would attract a 10% discount as detailed within the description of 90-Day Home above.

The group discounting increases when more family members are involved.

Assuming payments are paid upfront in full the fee for the first member is £1,500 as per the 90-day Plan pricing.

   For 2: the total is £2,850 (-5%)

      For 3: the total is £4,050 (-10%)

         For 4: the total is £5,100 (-15%)

            For 5: the total is £6,000 (-20%) - effectively "buy four get one free" 

Dependent upon the number of family members participating and the volume of existing clients at that time the phasing of all the associated analysis and treatments may take the collective support beyond 90-days (which would be undertaken until complete for the same fixed fee).


Unique to Enhance Your Energy:


Energy Profile Chart:


One of the unique components of the Personal Treatment processes from Enhance Your Energy is the visual measurement afforded by the Energy Profile Chart. These assessments are focussed on the "vibrational state" of the emotional and mental energy with each chakra being calibrated and scaled to allow comparative reviews.


Three examples from a genuine client are represented below:

  • Pre-Treatment assessment chart below demonstrates in a visual manner the significant differentials in chakra energy.
  • The Week 2 chart shows the profile after the effect of the treatments covered in Module 1 had been assimilated.
  • The Week 4 chart shows the profile after the effect of the treatments covered in Module 2 had also been assimilated.



Hereditary Pattern Break ™:


Another unique differentiator for Enhance Your Energy’s Personal Treatment processes is the Hereditary Pattern Break ™ process:

  • Science is now evidencing that emotional patterns established through significant trauma can be passed down the genetic line.
  • Therefore, simply focussing upon the emotional events and energy disturbances experienced since birth could be overlooking the foundation stones that energy limiting events can more easily align with.
  • As a result similar challenges may reoccur or transpire, despite fully clearing emotional events and energy disturbances you are consciously aware of.
  • Therefore, when seeking to clear all limiting influences it is important to identify and then break the tie to these emotional echoes, via the Hereditary Pattern Break ™.
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