Personal Energy Treatments


Remote Energy Treatments


Most modern day alternative therapy treatments are undertaken with the client present, whether via direct physical contact or through working within their energy field.


Globally we have been on a journey of technological advancement, where initially most components were hard-wired, being operated via a manual switch or keyboard. Then remote controls projected the switch instruction to a receiver and the device reacted. However, we are now in an age with a growing array of remote sourcing, where wifi connectivity and cloud storage are the new norm.


Likewise with human treatments and therapies the evolution of acceptance has expanded from tangible "touch" based therapies or procedures to treatments which link into the body's circuitry (such as acupuncture and reflexology) and on to approaches that link directly into the energy field we refer to as the aura (such as Reiki, crystals or using focussed intention).


Therefore, in a similar vein there are many approaches to influencing the energy of an individual or home. Akin to the coincidence of when you think of someone and they happen to call your phone, or you share a similar insightful thought at the same time with someone you are connected to, there is a growing awareness and acknowledgement that energy can link up across space and time with appropriate focus and intention. This focus can range from pure positive intention to channelled absent distant healing approaches.

Personal Energy Treatments


As part of our connectivity as both "human wifi" transmitters and receivers we have several major energy centres, termed chakras as well as many other interwoven energy systems that interact between our thoughts, feelings and physical bodies. Unfortunately, if these become distorted or blocked they can cause issues to manifest within our bodily systems, impacting our health and wellbeing. In addition emotional and mental signals may be impeded, which can result in negative patterns, behaviours, thoughts and feelings.


We can offer support to you, your family and your friends via either the Complete Energy Enhancement system or a bespoke focussed assessment and energy clearing approach.




Option A:

The Complete Energy Enhancement System comprises:


Phase 1)  A visual chakra focussed energy profile assessment and energy based clearing treatment for your initial layer of unresolved negative emotions that transpire to be affecting your vibration.


-  Production of your pre-treatment energy profile assessment chart

-  Assessment of your initial layer of negative emotions held within either your aura or body

-  Plus any negative vibrations affecting you via your microbiome

-  Resulting clearing actions to liberate you from their influence

-  Post clearing tracking, review and update communications

This assessment is across 24 negative emotional vibrations and against 8 energy influence categories

Plus your hosted microbiomes influence across 14 physical system by the same 8 categories

Phase 1 is a £325 fixed fee



Phase 2)  The remainder of the system then works through the clearance of any further limiting influences, unresolved emotions and deeper inherited patterns that may be held within your physical body, energy systems or wider aura



-  Nervous system (CNS and PNS Cranial Nerves)

-  31 Spinal nerves and 26 Vertebrae

-  12 Myofascial Lines

-  14 Main & Higher chakras

-  Detrimental Relationship Influences and any negative associations or bias

-  Any Cords, Ties or Third Party Influences

-  Any negative influence from inherited Oaths, Vows or Decrees

-  32 Minor and Secondary chakras

-  12 Physical Systems

-  15 Meridians and Energy Circuits

Post clearing tracking, review and update communications

-  Production of an updated energy profile assessment chart

Phase 2 is a £650 fixed fee

(This fee can be paid in two installments of £330 if preferred, subject to a maximum of 28 days apart)



The combined cost for the Complete Energy Enhancement System is £975

Overall this entails around 4-5 days of dedicated activities undertaken over a two to four week period




Option B:


A bespoke and tailored approach.


If you have a specific issue you would like us to focus upon, then we can seek to comprehend the specific elements of the programme that would be most beneficial to define you a tailored treatment solution at an appropriately bespoke cost.


The associated process would seek to comprehend the energy systems and physical locations that appear to be energetically out of balance that are correlated with the specific issue to be addressed.


The intention is to identify and remove any associated mental, emotional or embedded energetic blocks that may prevent the body from allowing it's innate healing and repair systems to function unimpeded. 

Unique to Enhance Your Energy:


Energy Profile Chart:


One of the unique components of the Personal Treatment processes from Enhance Your Energy is the visual measurement afforded by the Energy Profile Chart. These assessments are focussed on the "vibrational state" of the emotional and mental energy with each chakra being calibrated and scaled to allow comparative reviews.


Three examples from a genuine client are represented below:

  • The Pre-Treatment assessment chart below demonstrates the significant differentials in chakra energy.
  • The Week 2 chart shows the energy profile after the clearing treatments had started to be assimilated.
  • The Week 4 chart shows the energy profile once more time had elapsed for allow a fuller assimilation.



Hereditary Pattern Break ™:


Another unique differentiator for Enhance Your Energy’s Personal Treatment processes is the Hereditary Pattern Break ™ process:

  • Science is now evidencing that emotional patterns established through significant trauma can be passed down the genetic line.
  • Therefore, simply focussing upon the emotional events and energy disturbances experienced since birth could be overlooking the foundation stones that energy limiting events can more easily align with.
  • As a result similar challenges may reoccur or transpire, despite fully clearing emotional events and energy disturbances you are consciously aware of.
  • Therefore, when seeking to clear all limiting influences it is important to identify and then break the tie to these emotional echoes, via the Hereditary Pattern Break ™.
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