Are you looking for solutions to:


- Anxiety, Stress or Depression


- Relationship or Childhood Trauma


- Diagnosed but unresolved conditions



Do you feel..


..frustrated by treatments that only manage your symptoms


..trapped in a loop with no clear route to a solution


..weighed down by negative thoughts and feelings from your past



If you are, welcome, we hope we can help you.


The best first step is to arrange a free call to talk through your situation.

What this system does..

> Is to understand where your energy is out of balance

> Define what is affecting your natural energy flow

> Set out a step by step energy clearing plan for your practitioner to work through


What this system is Not..

> It is Not counselling

> It is Not a face-to-face, “hands on” therapy

> It is Not intended to provide immediate medical crisis relief


How does it work..

> Your practitioner seeks to independently analyse each category of your energy

> They use bespoke, tried and tested remote energy treatments to clear away identified blocks

> A timetable for each step and phase by category is followed, with ongoing progress updates


What will you need to do..

> Treatments are undertaken remotely, for you to absorb when convenient for you

> Most energetic transitions are likely to be realised whilst you are sleeping

> Regular feedback helps your practitioner to know swiftly if any refinements may be beneficial


How will it feel..

Every individuals experience is unique..

> You may find yourself recollecting an event or a feeling before it completely passes

> You may notice nothing other than an absence of the “noise” from negative internal chatter

> You may sense a release in your body or an uplift in your energy as an emotional weight is lifted


Why choose Enhance Your Energy?



No travelling to appointments:

The end-to-end process is administered remotely, with initial phone based consultations plus assessments and treatments undertaken using remote access energy methods.


- Saving you both Time and Expense (activities are undertaken for you in the background)

- Available Globally (energy clearings can be undertaken regardless of timezone differences)


A known financial commitment:

The agreed treatment programme is a predefined fee, so you have certainty over the extent of the cost for the chosen support package.


- Personal energy clearings range from £325 to £975 (bespoke options are available)

- Home energy clearings start from £770 (dependent upon your property's size/bedrooms)


Personal Energy Treatments:


After several years of development and refinements we can now offer either a holistic or bespoke treatment approach for your personal energy.


This includes a unique understanding of the Hereditary Pattern Break ™, where undercurrents of inherited emotional patterning are identified and removed.



Option A:

The Complete Energy Enhancement System.


The system firstly focusses upon assessment of your energetic profile and influences, which is undertaken for you remotely, by "tuning into" your energy fields.

Then a "treatment" plan is set out qualifying any imbalances or influences that appear to impede your natural energy flow.

Energetic clearing actions (at pre-agreed timings) are then undertaken on your behalf, with monitoring, review and tracking by your practitioner to ensure thier completion and effectiveness.

Two-way communication (mainly via email) during this treatment phase seeks to keep you updated and also take on board feedback from you in case any incremental actions or refinements may be beneficial.


Overall this entails around 4-5 days of dedicated activities on your behalf, which is undertaken over a two to four week period.



Option B:


A bespoke and tailored approach.


However, if you have a specific issue you would like us to focus upon, then we can seek to comprehend the specific elements of the programme that would be most beneficial to define you a tailored treatment solution at an appropriately bespoke cost.




Energy Clearing of Properties:


Do you feel energetically unsettled whilst within your home or your business premises; leaving you feeling drained, agitated, saddened or generally out of sorts?


If so a property clearing may be a really wise investment.


Independent of your decisions around a personal treatment you can elect to have your home or your premises cleared to remove the influence of stuck or negative energy.


Ideally you would choose to have treatments and clearings undertaken on both your home and your personal energy to significantly reduce interference with your personal flow of energy emanating from your environment and your experiences.



This remote approach based method avoids the disruption of someone visiting your home or your business premises to make an assessment and then again to undertake the treatment.


Defined Cost:

Unlike interventions that involve rearranging furniture, altering decor, acquiring new furnishings and feature objects the clearing fee once agreed is the start to finish cost. 


Given the personal synchronicities which brought you to this website we trust that we will be able to support you with helping to raise the vibration of your personal energy and that of your home/office environment to potentially mitigate or remove negative influences and manifest a more harmonious state.


Enhance Your Energy seeks to provide specialist services that are explained and operated within a grounded and professional natured business, whilst undertaking each bespoke clearing and treatment by working with high frequency, pure vibrations of energy to liberate, release, clear or dispel inhibiting factors.


Please peruse the testimonials page to read the experiences of some of our clients, explained in their own words.

Damian Leesing (Energy Therapist & Reiki Master)


Hi, my name is Damian Leesing.


Over the past four years I have been challenging myself to comprehend, test and validate a range of bespoke energy-based treatment solutions across the combination of mental, emotional and physical imbalances that affect our society.


Given an inflection point due to my own deteriorating health I committed to draw upon my past experiences of both physical and energy-based therapies alongside trials and research to define my own bespoke treatment solution. This led on to continuous development and refinement through supporting family, friends and undertaking wider trials for referred clients.


This knowledge and experience has become the foundation of my practice, which focuses upon treatments and clearings undertaken from a remote location (termed absent-distant), using a combination of pure and powerful energy transformation techniques. I also draw upon my prior experience from commercial analysis roles to produce individual energy profile charts for each client and track the progress of their energy clearing programme.


In our busy society this non-invasive approach which seeks to maximise potential client support time, allows for a personal treatment to be absorbed when it suits the client (often whilst they are sleeping) or for work to be undertaken on a property even whilst the owners/residents are not present.

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